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Fighting the novel coronavirus is a battle the entire world is fighting, and our main warriors are our healthcare workers and providers. There is an overwhelming number of patients that are being sent to the hospitals as suspects, showing us again how viral and infectious this disease is. Doctors, nurses and laboratory personnel have human contact with these patients and are at the highest risk of exposure or chances of transmission.

This transmission occurs through droplets or contact – both of which the doctors deal with while treating or testing a patient. There are increased chances of nosocomial transmission during aerosol generation, manual ventilation, intubation and extubation. To contain aerosolization during airway procedures, certain precautions have to be maintained.

For this, Insights Techhub brings to you highly coveted Aerosol Boxes. Made with transparent acrylic, aerosol boxes are used to cover the patients’ head and hands during tests and airway procedures. This prevents any contamination that may be caused due to the patient coughing. Even with the protection provided by face shields and masks, the aerosol generating process puts nurses and doctors in a situation of high risk. Aerosol boxes separate the patient from the surrounding air – effectively blocking chances of exposure due to coughing or aerosol generation.

While most aerosol boxes cover only the patient’s head, our rectangular shape is designed so that the head as well as hands are boxed-in. Ergonomically designed to leave openings for hands, our boxes have been rigorously tried and tested to ensure safety is maintained, there is room for maneuvering during procedures, the patient doesn’t feel claustrophobic and that contamination is limited. The movements of the hands may feel restricted in the beginning, but it will become natural over time.

ISO 9001 certified, the boxes are 2-3mm thick on all sides. Acrylic being the main material, aerosol boxes are easy to make and transport. As the cases are increasing, so is the testing and other procedures, increasing the exposure to positive patients. Insights Techhub aims to reach across the country – where reliable and reasonable products are needed now more than over. Please contact us for more details.

This is transparent box act as an insulator between a doctor and a patient infected with the deadly virus like Covid-19.An aerosol is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air or another gas. Aerosols can be natural or anthropogenic

Worldwide, the soaring number of COVID-19 patients means more patients are needing to undergo intubation and other aerosol generating procedures. Aerosol boxes aim to reduce exposure to medical personnel by blocking aerosols.The exterior handles of the box reduces the risk of cross-contamination while transporting the box.

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