Business Process Management

Insight International Helps Maximise Business Value With Strategy, Engagement and Delivery through Pega

With the advantage of “digitization wave” service provider needs to have an intense focus on the customer and understand the importance of maximizing each and every customer interaction.

Our Architects and Developers are working in BFSI transformation solution using PEGA based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Management (BPM), Decision management and Case management as per agreed SLAs.

Our unique approach, built on world-class delivery capabilities in PEGA helps us to achieve work productivity and efficiency by providing process automation.

Insight International is establishing its presence slowly but steadily in industry as an effective Pega player and with the combined capabilities of our resources in various domains specifically in BFSI. We are confident of complying the strategic objectives of our customers. With our comprehensive suite of experience, Insight International helps customer to migrate their disparate, diverse and often complex business rules, practices and processes into one platform using Omni-Channel implementation.

Leveraging PEGA, we have streamlined the Business process automation with the outcome of accelerated business growth along with improved productivity and reduced costs of customer. With the intent to automate the Business process, our Architect and Developers have used PRPC server (PegaRULES Process Commander) which provides a platform and interfaces to business to design and build applications in PEGA.

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