Supplying Face shield of varying categories in Bulk


As the name suggests, face shields shield your face from both emission of and exposure to respiratory droplets. Face shields are being considered over face masks as they cover the entire face, not just the nose and the mouth. It is important to protect the eye because there is always a chance of smearing that comes from the habit of touching our face. This is an added benefit that comes with face shields – it eliminates all possibility of one touching their face out of habit or by mistake.

Studies have shown that people wearing face shields reduced inhalation of aerosols by 95%. Face-Shield protects the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth from exposure or contamination. Face-shields become an essential gear during testing – when aerosol generating procedures are carried out in a clinical setting.

Face shields are becoming fairly common because they are easy to wear, comfortable, remove the anonymity factor, are usable and can be easily cleaned at home. In these times when human connections matter the most, a face shield helps us communicate better and talk to people without covering our entire face.

Our face shields are made with a thin plastic sheet that provides the best of everything:

  • Covers the entire face – including the eyes and surrounding areas by also protecting them from being constantly touched.
  • Prevents any long term damage to ears or nose that may result from everyday use of masks.
  • Makes it easier to talk and eat/drink
  • It’s reusability makes it durable and cost-friendly

Our supply chain is dedicated to providing the best equipment for hospital, official or personal needs. Healthcare is becoming alarmingly important and our face shields have become an integral part of PPE Kits. For any queries and orders please contact us now.

We have designed Face Shield for frontline Corona fighters including doctors, hospital staff, policemen and general public. Features of our product are:

  • High Quality: Design covers all guidelines issued by World Health Organization (WHO) & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India
  • Scalable: Our machinery is design to produce200,000 pieces per day.
  • SECURE: Our Face Shield design covers ears as well.
  • REUSABLE: Each our Prime Face Shield can be reused after an easy sanitization process
  • STANDARD: Our Face Shield is adjustable strap to fit all people.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Prime Face Shield is very light weight and people can wear it for long hours without discomfort.

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