In healthcare vertical, we are providing our services in two ways—supplying Healthcare materials in sync to our OEM production line and Yoga training through our Manpower service channel.

In product supply, we are very much focused on the quality of our products. All of our products are manufactured by tested machinery, undergone rigorous testing process and Certified by reputed agencies. All our manufactured products maintain WHO guidelines. Our products are being used by various India Government organizations as well as private hospitals. Those products are well equipped to protect person from pandemic infection. In this section we will show our product catalogue along with brief specifications. Our product catalogue consists of  the following:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE KITS )
  2. Surgical Masks (N95), Five-fold Mask, Normal Black Mask
  3. Mobile Hand wash and Sanitizing Station
  4. Face Shield using Clear Compact POLYCARBONATE Sheet
  5. Movable Transparent Partitions using clear compact Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets
  6. Aerosol Boxes

In the current scenario, Government of India is taking all necessary steps to ensure that we are prepared well to face the challenge and threat posed by the growing pandemic of COVID-19 the Corona Virus. Insights is joining hands with the Government to strengthen the fight against the pandemic in cost effective manner. All our products are precisely ensuring Safety and precaution for Doctors/ Medical staffs as well as general public. We are the best PPE Kits Suppliers in India.

Our Product Descriptions and Specifications

1. Personal protective equipment (PPE Kits Suppliers)


The people most at risk of COVID-19 infection are those who are in close contact with a suspect/confirmed COVID-19 patient or who care for such patients. Personal Protective Equipments (PPE kits) are protective gears designed to safeguard the health of workers by minimizing the exposure to a biological agent.

2. Surgical Masks Suppliers (N95), Five-fold Mask, Normal Black Mask

We supply N95 respirators and surgical masks (face masks) with PPE as well as separately as standalone product. This type of maskwill protect the wearer from airborne particles and from liquid contaminating the face.


3.  Mobile Hand wash and Sanitizing Station

Mobile Hand Sanitizing Station will prevent community spread any pandemic disease like Covid-19.

It is Ruggedly constructed in heavy duty metal, built to last. The station has a 100litres auto filling water tank and liquid handwash dispenser to wash hands and arms, washing off any Corona contagion and contamination. Buy sanitizing stations now!



  • The station has a hand sanitizer dispenser to sanitize hands of any residual contamination.
  • Makes Hands’ Touch Corona virus free.
  • Door knobs, lift knobs are not touched by Corona contamination.
  • People coming from outside will not carry corona virus in their hands.
  • All points of contact like operated machinery, tools, office stationary and instruments, deliveries of essentials, food deliveries are not contaminated by Corona virus

Specification of Mobile Sanitizing Station

  • Taps operated by foot pedal and sensor operated hand wash and sanitizer dispenser ensure ZERO hand contact during usage
  • Sensor operated liquid hand wash dispenser
  • Sensor operated sanitizer dispenser
  • Dimensions: W*D*H (in mm): 500 *500* 1550
  • Packaging: Bubble wrap
  • Overhead polypropylene water storage tank of 100 Litres
  • Corrosion proof AISI 304 stainless steel sink. Easy to clean and sanitize

  • Easy to clean ABS water tank
  • Auto filling tank with 0.5″ inch connecting socket, with auto shut off
  • Unit constructed in heavy-duty corrosion-proof metal
  • Bottom closed 3 sides in cabinet style
  • CP waste connect with extendable flexible drain pipe
  • Seamless argon welded finish
  • Heavy duty lockable castors to secure unit at point of usage

  • Available optional accessories on cost
  • Option 10L Hand wash liquid sealed container mounted on unit
  • Option 10L hand Sanitizer sealed container mounted on unit
  • Option detachable drain tank on trolley
  • Auto fill water tank with auto shut off mechanism
  • Lockable castors to secure unit at point of usage
  • Available in complete stainless-steel construction (optional)
  • Storage cabinet for storage of handwash and sanitizer can with pump (optional extra) or detachable tank for storing drain water (optional extra)

4. Face Shield using Clear Compact Polycarbonate Sheet


We have designed Face Shield for frontline Corona fighters including doctors, hospital staff, policemen and general public. Features of our product are:


High Quality: Design covers all guidelines issued by World Health Organization (WHO) & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India

Scalable: Our machinery is design to produce200,000 pieces per day.


5.  Movable Transparent Partitions using clear compact Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets


All polycarbonate (PC) sheets are procured from Sabic Innovative who are the world wide leading manufacturers of Polycarbonate Sheets under the brand Lexan Sabic (formerly GE Lexan). The solid plain sheets are available in various thickness ranging from 1 mm to 20 mm and are UV stabilized. Normally for profiling of sheets, the recommended thickness is 2 mm or 3 mm in plain solid or plain embossed texture. The sheet is available with different colours Clear Multiwall & different colors – Bronze, Grey, Blue, Opal White, Green, etc.

Polycarbonates (PC) are a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structures. Polycarbonates used in engineering are strong, tough materials, and some grades are optically transparent. They are easily worked, moulded, and thermoformed. It is a perfect combination of lightweight, high impact strength, light transmission, frame-resistance, UV protection, anti-drop as well as charming appearance. Clear polycarbonate sheet is as transparent as glass, but weighs only a half. Lightweight makes it easy to transport and install.

6. Aerosol Boxes

This is transparent box act as an insulator between a doctor and a patient infected with the deadly virus like Covid-19.An aerosol is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air or another gas. Aerosols can be natural or anthropogenic

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