Importance and Use of Face Shield! Buy Face Shield.


As the name suggests, face shields literally shield your face from both emission of and exposure to respiratory droplets. Face shields are being considered over face masks as they cover the entire face, not just the nose and the mouth. It is important to protect the eye because there is always a chance of accidental smearing from touching the face. This is an added benefit that comes with face shields – it eliminates all possibility of one touching their face out of habit or by mistake.

Studies have shown that people wearing face shields reduced inhalation of aerosols by 95%. Face Shield protects the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth from exposure or contamination. Face-shields become an essential gear in this was war against the coronavirus.

Especially during testing, treating as well as during aerosol generating procedures that are carried out in a clinical setting.

Face shields are becoming fairly common because they are easy to wear, comfortable, remove the anonymity factor, are usable and can be easily cleaned at home. In times like these, when human connections matter the most, a face shield helps us communicate better and talk to people without covering our entire face.

Our face shields are made with polycarbonate plastic sheets and are ISO certified. You can find them in 3 variants, based on thickness of the polycarbonate sheet – 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.8mm. Polycarbonate has always been used to make protective gear such as visors, helmets, etc. It is perfect to make face shields with because it is clear, light and durable. The pandemic has increased the demand for polycarbonate face shields as healthcare workers become more and more exposed to COVID-19.

face shield

All our variants can be used in the healthcare sector, medical/pharma industry, laboratories, etc.

All our variants share similar properties and provide the best protection –

  • Provides all around security by covering the entire face – including eyes, ears. Also shields them from being constantly touched.
  • Prevents any long-term damage to ears or nose that may result from everyday use of masks.
  • Comes with an adjustable strap to fit all and secure tightly.
  • It is easy to clean and sanitize (and should be sanitized regularly) making it fit for reuse.
  • It is light-weight and can be worn/used for long hours without any discomfort to the user.
  • It durable and reusable making it essentially cost-friendly
  • It shields the mouth but doesn’t block it – making communication easier.

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