Online Yoga Classes! A Best Way to Stay Healthy in This Pandemic Situation.

Yoga training

Daily morning yoga at the park, working out at the gym, getting a few more miles on the run – all of that has stopped. Parks are closed as are gyms, but the doors to a healthy life are always open.

Are you wondering how? Like everything else, yoga can be practiced and learnt online.

You’ve been wanting to get on the fitness train but continue to procrastinate? Then here is a perfect opportunity – we’re bringing online yoga classes, directly in your homes. Insights presents online Yoga classes that span across 3 days with a one-hour session every day. Here’s the catch – the first session is complementary for all participants. If you like the session, you choose and pay for the next two days. This offer is applicable to participants in the UK and India. Going further with our Yoga classes is entirely your choice.

So, put on your yoga suits and get moving. Learn from some of the best and seasoned yoga instructors like Kathryn Budig. Headed by world-class and certifies yoga trainers, the class will bring you a wonderful insight (pun-intended) into the practice of Yoga.

yoga class

What’s unique about our yoga classes?

Our yoga program isn’t driven by weight-loss or reaching unattainable body standards – we aim to bring Yoga in your lives and in your homes. Insights instructors represent diverse body types and communities. Their themed programs focus on targeted goals like yoga with weights, detoxing, and practices like “better than vino” (for unwinding around happy hours). The subscription gives you unlimited access to yoga, pilates and meditation classes, so you can become the zen human you were destined to be. All this at a minimal cost price. Our price-tag and perks are hard to compete or beat.

Whether it is boosting your immunity, working out, toning your body and flexibility, finding some moments of peace of calm – we’ve packaged all your needs in a single yoga-shaped box. Get those endorphins kicking and rejuvenate your mind and body. With us. Your searches start with infinity and end with Insights. Because here at Insights, yoga isn’t just a fitness trend, it is a lifestyle. A way of living and being. Contact us now to enroll in the online yoga classes. We hope to see you there!

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