Who are the Best PPE KIT Suppliers in India?

Why the PPE kits are important, nowadays?

The time to passively fight is over. Apart from the world being physically and socially distant, doctors are now rolling up their metaphorical sleeves and are fighting this pandemic tooth and nail. Their only shielding armor being protective medical equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE) kit protects the wearer from infections and injuries. It is especially imperative because it provides protection against chemical, physical, biohazards, and most importantly, airborne particulate matter.

Who we are?

InsightsTechhub in its healthcare vertical also supplies PPE kits to hospitals and healthcare workers all over the country. Our PPE kits are some of the best in the market with various kits tailored specifically for various needs.

Our Product:

Providing full-body coverage, all over kit variants come in two forms – seam-less and seam-sealed, made complete with a Meltdown 3-layer Mask, Nitrile Gloves, Protective Goggles.

  • The Advanced Kit is tri-laminated, breathable with 52 ±5 GSM while the Medium Kit is bi-laminated, breathable with 62 ±5 GSM. Both variants are particularly useful for Intensive Care Doctors and nurses, the housekeeping staff in ICU, and everyone in direct contact with positive cases. The seamless kits cat be used by healthcare staff in OPD, Pathology, Radiology, Ambulance, Mortuary, OT, and patient’s attendants.
  • The Basic Kit is bi-laminated and non-breathable. With 62 ±5 GSM, they can be used by all housekeeping staff, canteen workers, administrative staff, pharmacy staff, and visitors who come to the hospital facility.
  • The Eco Kit, with 90 ±5 GSM has a PE Extruding Coating and is non-breathable. The Paper Kit has a 50 ±5 GSM, is non-woven and non-breathable. All housekeeping staff, canteen workers, administrative staff, pharmacy staff, and visitors who come to the hospital facility can use these to protect themselves.

Quality & Certifications:

Other Properties that make Insights’ PPE Kits the best include –

  • An attached hood that is close to the face
  • Stitched and taped seams that prevent penetration of liquid aerosols and solid particles
  • Nitrile gloves with elastic wrists, elastic ankle with shoe covers that firmly secure and leave no openings
  • A middle finger loop for firmly securing the sleeves.


Insights PPE Kits have gone through vigorous testing procedures and many quality tests. It has received SITRA certification.

Huge Stock with Affordability:

As we battle this pandemic, we must not forget that thousands of people had already been fighting various acute and chronic diseases. Diseases that haven’t taken a breather, even when everything around us has paused. The workload on doctors and global tragedy is unprecedented. As our good deed of the year, Insights brings you superior protection equipment at reasonable prices.


No matter how high your need or remote your region – we are here to bring it all.

We are in this together – Contact us now for orders and inquiries.